Tag Games – Fun and Different Ways To Play Tag

Tag game

The Fun Games Kids Play website has great games for kids to play outside.   A whole page has been dedicated to the game of tag.

Tag is a fun game to play and very easy to learn. All you need to play is children and room to run around.

The basic rule of tag is to choose someone to be “it”. Then “it” tries to tag everyone else. When someone is tagged then they become “it”. Fun ways to decide who’s “it”.

Variations of Tag have been added to our website. You’ll find rules, directions and set up for these favorite tag games:

Reverse Tag
Rainbow Tag
Pair Tag

Rattlesnake Tag
Freeze Tag
Hospital Tag
Blob / Ameoba Tag

TV Tag

Find a new favorite way to play tag.   Print out the list and keep it handy for when the kids are outdoors and want something fun to do outside.

Tag is also a great game to play for birthday parties for boys and girls and kids of all ages.


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